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Applications / Здравствуйте други
« Last post by KennethLoorb on March 28, 2020, 01:03:41 PM »
Здравия желаем  - заработок денег без интернета - прям на ходу - интересный материал как размотать систему - как подработать в интернет. С минимальными вложениями! Иди по ссылочке и смотри видео! Подготовил для вас полный список БЕСПЛАТНЫХ бонусов, смотрите видео на ЮТЮБ о моих выигрышах и забирайте бонусы под видосиками! Лайк и подписка приветствуется! Всем игрового фарта и новых побед!
отзыв казино
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Applications / Application Form
« Last post by lordjason douglas on January 29, 2019, 04:25:33 AM »
Q1. What is your history in eve? Where have you lived?

Q2. How did you come to find out and apply to us?

Q3. Have all your characters always belonged to you? If not please state where and when you took control of them (if any characters are bought include links to the eve-o sale page).

Q4. You fitted a ship and a corp member thinks you should fit it differently. what is your reaction?

Q5. How many PvP characters do you own? What are the names and SP totals of said characters? How many of those characters are capital ship capable, and how many of those characters have a capital ship?

Q6. Why do you want to join Zebra corp, and why should we let you into Zebra Corp?

Q7. Have you been in contact with any other Imperium corporation recently?

Q8a. Do you have friends that can act as references in our corp or a close ally?

Q8b. Do you have a vouch(es)? If so, who(whom)?

Q9. How do you support ( or plan to ) yourself in 0.0, and what is your current ISK situation, please give as much detail as possible.
Q10. How do you feel about smack talking in local and on EVE-O Forums?
Q11. Why do you PVP?

Q12. A neutral is jumping in a system where you are ratting what do you do?

Q13. What country and time zone are you in?

Q14. How old are you in real life?

Q15. How often can you play? Please include averages for days per week, hours per weekday and hours per weekend.

Q16. Do you have a working mic/headset?

Q17. List all of your characters and their killboard links to the stats page for all chars you own, preferably from (ex. John Doe -

Q18. Is there anything left uncovered by the previous questions that you feel may aid the success of your application?

Screenshot links(Open your wallet page and switch to "Player Donation" and take screenshots) Make sure to have the character sheet open in the background for each account.
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