Welcome to Zebra Corp.
This is where the fish shoot back!

If you read Zebra and thought horses, shame on you!

We are an Eve Online PvP oriented corp that is a full member of Goonswarm Federation, leaders of the Imperium Coalition.

Our focus is on small to Coalition level fleet engagements and if we haven't ripped up your space yet then you're on the list. We have alliance level FC's and because we live in Delve we have a fully kitted out industrial team churning our rorquals, supers and titans like nobodies business. Literally by the time you've read this another titan is in production.

We pride ourselves with being a community first group and band together to have fun, remember we're not having fun until you're not having fun! We play other games while we're waiting on our next victim or the Alliance/Coalition call to arms. We have scheduled SIG's and Squad fleets and if there still isn't enough then corp roams.